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Op-Ed: A (PA) Smart Investment in the Future

March 01, 2018
It has been nearly a month since Governor Wolf delivered his budget address for the upcoming fiscal year, and while I may not agree with all of the proposals in his 2018-19 budget, there was one item that particularly stood out as being a timely and necessary investment – the PA Smart initiative.     [Read More]

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Public Hearing On Ways to Improve Student and School Safety

February 28, 2018
Senate Education Committee - March 2, 2018 - North Office Building, Hearing Room 1     [Read More]

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OpEd: Let’s Do More to Advance the Dream

January 23, 2018
On Monday, January 15, I had the opportunity to attend the 30th Annual Crispus Attucks Community Center breakfast honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.     [Read More]

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Op-Ed: Nuclear Industry Provides Diversity and Reliability in PA’s Energy Market

January 02, 2018
The energy industry is one of the most important sectors of Pennsylvania’s economy, and it is critical that we do all that we can to ensure a diverse set of highly reliable energy sources in order to sustain a healthy wholesale energy market.     [Read More]

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OpEd: Collective Bargaining

December 20, 2017
    [Read More]

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Outreach Events Create Critical Outlet for Constituent Concerns

November 21, 2017
This past week, I hosted my final town hall meeting of 2017.     [Read More]

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Ceremony Honoring Vietnam Veterans

October 24, 2017
Senator Aument and Senator Scott Martin hosted a ceremony at Hempfield High School to honor the service and sacrifice of more than 200 local Vietnam veterans.     [Read More]

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Public Hearing on SB 914 – Creation of Office of Information Technology

October 20, 2017
Senate Communications and Technology Committee     [Read More]

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Joint Hearing on FirstNet

October 12, 2017
Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee and Senate Communications & Technology Committee and House Veterans Affairs Emergency Preparedness Committees - October 19, 2017     [Read More]

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Statewide Video Competition Engages PA Students in Fight Against Opioids

October 10, 2017
Senator Ryan Aument (R-36) and Senator Scott Martin (R-13) are urging Pennsylvania middle and high school students to help find solutions to the growing heroin and opioid epidemic facing the state by producing a video aimed at focusing greater awareness on the crisis.     [Read More]

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Current Issues Facing Career and Technical Education

October 10, 2017
Senate Education Subcommittee - October 10, 2017     [Read More]

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Op-Ed: Homestead Exclusion Should Be Included In Property Tax Elimination Effort

September 18, 2017
This November, you, the voters will have an opportunity to change the Pennsylvania Constitution.     [Read More]