Commonwealth Financing Authority Approves Funding Request for the Borough of Columbia

HARRISBURG – The Commonwealth Financing Authority through the Alternative and Clean Energy Program has approved a loan request for The Borough of Columbia, according to state Senator Aument (R-36).

Columbia Borough made the funding request to assist with the installation of an anaerobic digester at its wastewater treatment plant. The anaerobic digester will use hauled septage and food wastes and will generate biogas. The biogas will be used to fire a combined heat and power unit which is used to operate the facility and generate electricity to power the equipment within the treatment plant. The new system will reduce the facility’s current electrical average of 6,419 kWh to 2,436 kWh. The anaerobic digester is anticipated to offset approximately 2,200 kWh per year.

“I am encouraged by Columbia Borough’s willingness to undertake this project in renewable energy,” Senator Aument said. “As a Commonwealth we need to continue to pursue a multi-faceted policy of energy independence.”

Alternative and Clean energy program funds will be used for the purchase and installation of the anaerobic digester. The cost of the digester is $1,706,270. The Borough of Columbia will provide $1,194,389 in matching funds.


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