Op-Ed: Gubernatorial Nominations will be Considered on Merit, Not Politics

The transition from one governor’s Administration to the next often results in a flood of new nominations for various state agencies, boards, commissions and judicial appointments. This year is no different.

Although some of these nominations do not require legislative review, many others require the advice and consent of the Senate. These nominations range from the highest echelons of state government and the judicial branch, including heads of state agencies and state Supreme Court vacancies, to the numerous boards and commissions that have a narrower focus.

While there has been much chatter in the media about the confirmation prospects of some high-profile nominees, it is important to realize that the Senate’s goal is not to obstruct the governor, but rather to consider each individual candidate on his or her own merits. This process must be driven by an honest discussion of the nominees’ qualifications, history and credentials, not partisan politics.

The process of vetting candidates adds a necessary layer of transparency and accountability to ensure these appointments are based on an individual’s expertise, experience and suitability for the position. Many of these individuals will help shape the future of our commonwealth for years to come, so reviewing these nominations is a serious responsibility that must be handled with the greatest care.

Ultimately, those who are appointed to the highest levels of the executive and judicial branches of government will be responsible for managing a $29 billion state budget and shaping public policy that will impact future generations of Pennsylvanians. I look forward to taking part in the confirmation process to ensure the individuals who are entrusted with this responsibility are truly the best people for the job.


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