Commonwealth Financing Authority Approves Grant for Manheim Central School District Elementary School

HARRISBURG – The Commonwealth Financing Authority through the Alternative and Clean Energy Program has approved a grant for the construction of the Doe Run Elementary School, according to state Senator Ryan P. Aument (R-36).

Manheim Central School District made the funding request as a portion of a construction plan to make Doe Run Elementary School a high performance building. This project will replace the existing elementary school which was deemed structurally unsafe in 2014. The new building will nearly double in size, utilize ground-source geothermal HVAC system, energy efficient lighting, a building orientation to maximize natural daylight opportunities, low-flow water fixtures and a modern thermal envelope. The project’s annual savings is expected to save 1,664,010 kBTU and reduce water consumption by 324,700 gallons equaling nearly 30%.

“I am encouraged by Manheim Central’s commitment to innovative solutions,” Senator Aument said. “These new technologies will help to save the school district money in yearly operating expenses and drive dollars toward in-classroom student learning.”

Alternative and Clean energy program funds will be used for the energy-efficient thermal envelope, the geothermal system, water-saving fixtures, additional engineering, design, and commissioning costs associated with USGBC LEED Gold certification. The total project cost is $30,048,000. Manheim Central School District will provide will provide $28,048,00 in matching funds.

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