Sen. Aument Pleased 2015-16 State Budget Finally Finished

HARRISBURG – Senator Ryan Aument (R-Landisville) today issued the following statement in response to the announcement by Governor Wolf that he would allow House Bill 1801, legislation that appropriated $6.6 billion to finish funding the 2015-16 state budget to become law without his signature.

“The Governor’s decision today avoids any further funding disruptions to schools, human service providers, agriculture programs, and other essential programs and services that have been desperately seeking a resolution to the 2015-16 state budget impasse for nine months.

Allowing these important monies to flow is not a loss for Governor Wolf, it is a win for the people of Lancaster County and Pennsylvania and all those who expect their tax dollars to be put to good use and not be held hostage for political gain.

Certainly, the debate over how much funding programs deserve, including public education, and whether or not to raise taxes will continue.  These are important conversations that will be highlighted in the 2016-17 budget.

However, elected leaders have a responsibility to help, not hurt people.  Today’s resolution of our Commonwealth’s longest budget impasse should serve as a reminder that as elected officials, we all have a duty to put others first.

While we begin the important work of the 2016-17 spending plan, I am hopeful that we can also have a meaningful debate on ways to reform our state budget process, so that this situation is never again repeated.”

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