Senator Aument Appointed to Bipartisan Special Committee to Review Election, Offer Reforms

(HARRISBURG) – Earlier today, Senator Aument (R-36) was named as one of four Republicans that will be appointed to the bipartisan Special Committee on Election Integrity & Reform by Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman (R-34).

“I am honored to be appointed as one of four Republican members to the bipartisan Special Committee on Election Reform & Integrity to conduct an exhaustive review of all aspects of the 2020 general election and issue a report to all members of the General Assembly with legislative recommendations,” said Aument. “As I’ve consistently said, the legitimate procedural concerns surrounding this election must be heard by the appropriate body so that testifiers can be sworn in under oath and cross-examined. This bipartisan Special Committee will not only have subpoena powers to summon testifiers, but it will also have the ability to swear in those testifiers under oath to ensure that their testimony is truthful and accurate, under penalty of perjury. It is my hope that the work of this Special Committee will help to restore Pennsylvanians’ confidence in our election process here in the Commonwealth.”

Senator Corman said he will introduce a resolution to create a bipartisan Special Committee to conduct an exhaustive review of all aspects of the 2020 general election.

“Nothing is more important than our right to vote as well as ensuring Pennsylvanians’ confidence in our elections,” Senator Corman said. “Every Senator has heard concerns from constituents about the 2020 election. Far too many residents of Pennsylvania are questioning the validity of their votes or have doubt that the process was conducted fairly, securely and produced accurate results. We must act to ensure integrity is restored to voting through this bipartisan effort.”

Corman will introduce a Senate Resolution to establish the “Special Committee on Election Integrity and Reform” under Rule 5(a)(2) of the Senate Rules. The committee will focus on:

  • the security of the vote before, during and after Election Day;
  • the accuracy and security of the election process, particularly during the pre-canvassing and canvassing stages;
  • the uniformity of the election processes across the Commonwealth;
  • the impact and role of our judiciary in the election process;
  • the impact and role of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in issuing interpretations, guidance and instructions regarding the election process and the conduct of the election as a whole; and
  • other election related issues that may come before the Committee.

“There are very legitimate and credible issues which need to be resolved after the 2020 election about the security of mail-in ballots and the process of counting votes,” Senator Corman said. “The Special Committee sets into motion a major legislative initiative that ensures answers to the questions and concerns that are being brought forward from every corner of our Commonwealth.”

The Special Committee will be comprised of four Republican members and four Democrat members, with the President Pro Tempore serving as an ex-officio member. Senator Corman will be appointing the members, and has designated the following Republican members to serve on the Special Committee:

  • Chair – Senator Wayne Langerholc (R-35), former Assistant District Attorney, Cambria County, lead prosecutor of the Drug Task Force, Richland Township Supervisor and litigation and trial attorney.  
  • Senator Ryan Aument (R-36), U.S. Army captain who is a member of Senate Republican leadership and also served as a member of the state House, borough council member and in Lancaster County government.
  • Senator Lisa Baker (R-20), chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee as well as former deputy chief of staff for two Governors and who previously served on the Special Committee on Senate Address, which investigated former Attorney General Kathleen Kane.
  • Senator Mike Regan (R-31), retired U.S. Marshal as well as former deputy Inspector General and also served as a member of the state House.

In consultation with the Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa (D-43), Senator Corman will appoint four Democratic Senators.

The Special Committee is anticipated to produce a report that will be presented to the General Assembly and standing committee(s) and will cover areas of legislative recommendations, as directed in the Senate Resolution establishing the Special Committee.

Aument has also issued previous statements on the election:

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