Senator Aument Appointed to Serve on COVID-19 Vaccine Joint Task Force

(HARRISBURG) – Earlier today, Senator Ryan P. Aument (R-36) announced that he was chosen to be one of four members of the General Assembly to serve on a COVID-19 Vaccine Joint Task Force. According to the Wolf Administration, the Joint Task Force was created, “to provide a mechanism for accurate, timely information sharing via a streamlined set of communicators between the two branches of state government.”

One member from each legislative caucus will serve on the Joint Task Force to share information and efficiently communicate time-sensitive news related to the vaccine rollout back to their respective caucus.

“From the outset of this pandemic, I have been calling on the Wolf Administration to collaborate and more effectively share critical information with members of the General Assembly,” said Aument. “I am pleased that the Administration is taking steps to improve bipartisan collaboration and communication through this Joint Task Force, and I am humbled to be able to serve as a conduit for information to my colleagues in the Senate and my constituents in the 36th Senatorial District who rightfully have many pressing questions about the state’s vaccine rollout.”

Task force members will have the opportunity to represent their caucus’s position on various aspects of the Administration’s vaccination plan and work to streamline conversations between the two branches of government.

“There is no doubt that Pennsylvania’s vaccination plan has thus far lagged behind that of many other states,” said Aument. “The citizens of this Commonwealth expect results, not partisan infighting that blocks progress. As such, I look forward to working with my colleagues through this collaborative approach to address the challenges in distributing the vaccine in an efficient, effective, and equitable manner to any Pennsylvanian that wants it.”

Members of the task force include co-chairs Acting Secretary of Health Alison Beam and Director of the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency Randy Padfield; for the Senate Democratic Caucus, Sen. Art Haywood; for the House Democratic Caucus, Rep. Bridget Kosierowski; for the Senate Republican Caucus, Sen. Ryan Aument; and for the House Republican Caucus, Rep. Tim O’Neal.

Details regarding a meeting schedule for the task force will be handled by the Wolf Administration.


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