Mastriano, Aument Introduce Legislation to Expand School Choice for Military Families

HARRISBURG – Senator Doug Mastriano (PA-33) and Senator Ryan Aument (PA-36) have officially introduced legislation to create Educational Opportunity Accounts (EOAs) for military families.  

EOAs are restricted use accounts, funded by a percentage of the state per pupil education subsidy. SB 999 will provide military families with maximum flexibility in their ever-changing lives. The accounts can be used for a variety of education-related expenses, including:

  • Tuition
  • Tutoring
  • Textbooks and curriculum
  • Testing related fees

A 2020 poll conducted by EDChoice showed that 73% of Pennsylvanians support Educational Opportunity Accounts.

“As a 30-year Army veteran, I know firsthand how taxing it can be for a military family to deal with the uncertainty of deployments and constant moving,” Senator Mastriano said. “This is especially applicable to military children who have to continually adapt to new learning environments. SB 999 will directly equip parents with the resources to get their children the tailored education that works best for them. It is the least we can do to support the families who have sacrificed so much for our country.”

“We must begin to acknowledge the differing circumstances and challenges our families face and offer educational options that meet their individual needs,” said Senator Aument.  “Military families sacrifice much for the greater good but their children often experience disruptions in education due to the nature of their parent’s job.  Providing this opportunity for educational choice to the families who put service to our country before all else is the right thing to do.”

SB 999 has been referred to the Education Committee where it now awaits a vote.

Contact: Josh Herman (Mastriano)
                Stephanie Applegate (Aument)


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