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Sen. Ryan Aument’s Senator for a Day event at the State Capitol is for junior and senior high school students from the 36th Senatorial District where they will have the opportunity to learn firsthand about the legislative process and what it’s like to be a state senator in Pennsylvania. Students will participate in a mock committee where they will debate policy ideas and work with legislative staff to advance their policies to a general session. It is a great experience for students to interact with one another and also with the lobbyists and moderators.

“My hope is that these young people get to experience and have a greater appreciation for the legislative process so that they become active and engaged citizens.” – Sen. Ryan Aument


Here is a breakdown of the agenda for Senator For a Day at the State Capitol. Since Sen. Aument began offering this event to junior and senior high school students around the 36th Senatorial District, he has had over 450 students participate.


You are about to become a Senator for a day. As a Senator, it will be your job to be prepared to discuss sample legislation and vote on them in Committee. Remember—you are representing your constituents who have elected you. Think about how they would want you to vote.

Photo Gallery

Click here to view photos from the Senator for a Day program in 2023.

Essay Contest

Sen. Aument requests that each participating student submit an idea for legislation that they believe should be a law in Pennsylvania. The submission should be a brief one-to-two pages explaining the proposal and why it should be adopted.

For those participating in the 2024 Senator for a Day event, essays should be limited to 500 words and emailed to Logan Hoover in Sen. Aument’s Office no later than Wednesday, March 6, 2024.

Sen. Aument will review all the submissions and select a winner, who will be recognized on the day of the event with a prize.


To register for Sen. Aument’s 2024 Senator for a Day event, click here. We look forward to seeing you there!

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