Parental Control of Sexually Explicit Content in Schools

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The problem: In the past year I have been contacted by parents concerned with inappropriate content in their children’s school curriculum and library books. 

The evidence: In examples right here in Pennsylvania, parents have identified books and assignments that contain graphic sexually explicit content that adults would be prohibited from viewing while at work.

The solution: I’ve introduced legislation that would empower parents to shield their children from this graphic content by allowing them to control what only their own children are able to view in school.

This proposal is NOT a book ban.

Nearly all content has ratings: Movies, video games, music, and TV shows all have ratings to warn viewers of potentially sensitive content.

  • Streaming platforms have parental control options: Many of the platforms to access these shows, games, and music also have parental control options so young children don’t have unrestricted access to graphic content.
  • Library books in schools are unrestricted: Yet, these books are freely available without parental knowledge or consent in public school libraries and classrooms for children of all ages to access with ease.

Conclusion: We must work together to find a bipartisan solution that honors parents, considers impacts to teachers and schools, and protects children from all backgrounds.


Senate Bill 7 would require schools to:

✔ Identify sexually explicit content in school curriculum, materials, and books.

✔ Create an opt-in policy that would:

    • Notify parents of the sexually explicit content by including a list of the book titles on the form.

    • Give parents the opportunity to review the materials.

    • Require parents to give direct consent for their children to be provided or have access to sexually explicit content.

✔ Provide the child with a non-explicit alternatives if their parents do not opt-in.

Senate Bill 7 would NOT:

X Ban any books from any school curriculum or library.

Read more about Senate Bill 7 here.


For some examples of sexually explicit content found in Pennsylvania school libraries and curriculum, adult readers can, at their own discretion, review the dedicated webpage here which contains unedited quotes and blurred copies of the original images.


Source: Rasmussen Reports – Capitol Resource Institute September 2022 Survey of 1000 National Likely Voters

Claim vs Fact

Claim: This bill is a book ban.

Fact: This bill does NOT ban any books from any school library or curriculum. It only empowers parents to control the content their own children are exposed to, which does not impact what books / materials are available to the student body.

Claim: This bill is an attack on the LGBTQ community.

Fact: Senate Bill 7 does NOT target or discriminate against any group or person; the bill strictly identifies sexually explicit content, wherever it may be found and regardless of who it may be written by or about, and allows parents to decide if it’s appropriate for their own child.

Claim: Senate Bill 7 is unnecessary because parents can already opt their child out of books they don’t like.

Fact: Under current policy in most schools, parents can only opt their children out of specific book titles they personally know are inappropriate. Most cannot simply opt their children out of all “sexually explicit content” because, as has been admitted in testimony, librarians and administrators don’t know what books contain sexually explicit content. Since parents cannot simply opt their children out of sexually explicit content, they must review every single book in the library and mark which books they find inappropriate.

I believe that is an unrealistic burden to put on parents, especially when most are surprised books with this content are in schools (outside of health and sex ed classes) in the first place. 

Claim: Pennsylvania schools don’t have these materials available to children – this is a solution in search of a problem.

FactHere are examples of explicit materials that have been found in many Pennsylvania elementary, middle, and high schools. While this is subject to change, these books have been found in  Abington Middle School, Benton Middle/Senior High School, Central Bucks School District, Charles Boehm Middle School, East Stroudsburg High School North, Hopewell Senior High School, Kutztown High School, Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School, Methacton High School, North Penn School District, Perkiomen Valley High School, Pocono Mountain East High School, Warwick School District, West Chester School District, Wissahickon School District, and many more.

Claim: The content in these books is not that bad.

Fact: This is content that is so graphic that newspapers have refused to print, TV stations have refused to air, school boards have banned during meetings, and law enforcement has forcibly removed from posters in public settings.

Claim: The majority of Americans want kids to have unrestricted access to this material at school.

Fact77% of voters are concerned that school-age children are being exposed to sexual material that is not age appropriate; 55% are very concerned.

Claim: This bill will remove critical anti-bullying lessons that help educate all children about how to treat people who are different than they are, including members of the LGBTQ community.

Fact: This bill does NOT remove or ban any books from any school library or curriculum. It only allows parents to control the content their own children are exposed to, which does not impact what books, materials, or classroom lessons that are available to the student body.

Teaching children to be kind, understanding, and appreciate differences in others is not the same as having explicit conversations about sexual orientation or sex. These lessons can be taught without exposing children to the problematic sexually explicit content. This bill would not impact the foundation and core function of anti-bullying curriculum in Pennsylvania schools.


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