August 2022 PA Energy Policy Survey Results

Pennsylvania is blessed with a diverse mix of energy sources that not only power our state’s economy and create high-paying jobs for our residents, but also position our Commonwealth to export our excess energy to power other states as well. Our state is home to natural gas, coal, nuclear energy, hydroelectric, solar, wind, and more, all of which contribute in their own way to our way of life in Pennsylvania. At the same time, many cite a negative impact on our environment as reason to pivot away from certain energy sources in favor of newer, “green” sources.

Considering the significant impact of the energy sector on our Commonwealth and its residents, please choose as many of the following energy-related policies that are important to you:


Here are some of the comments residents provided as feedback on the survey:

The most important issue to me is improving the electric grid.” – James from Mountville

Nuclear must be part of our future reduced carbon energy generation plans.” – Scott from Lancaster

Something needs to be done about the rising costs of electricity.” – Kim from Landisville

We need to invest in a variety of energy sources. Fossil fuels are not enough. Add wind and solar.” – David from Lititz

There may be a role for fossil fuels in the long term, although it should be somewhat limited if we have any aspirations about creating an environment that supports life for generations to come.” – Joan from Quarryville

All of these energy issues are necessary, as energy is not a one size fits all approach. All types of energy contribute to the success of PA and those that call PA home. We need to be responsible stewards for the resources we’ve been given!” – Amy from Lititz

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