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Have an idea?
There are three ways you can submit your recommendations, ideas, or issues to me:

  1. Call 717-429-6652 and leave your full name, zip code, and a brief description of your idea.
  2. Fill out my web contact form below with a brief description of your idea.
  3. Attend one of my outreach events to tell me about your idea. You can view a schedule of upcoming outreach events here.

I also encourage residents to review my COVID-19 Response Timeline so that you can see what we’ve accomplished so far.

I am inviting you to join me as we restore and reimagine a stronger Pennsylvania.

I have long believed that strong families, vibrant communities, great schools, and a diverse economy are foundational to an opportunity society. So let me ask you:

How do we build stronger families?

How do we restore vibrant communities?

How do we create world-class, student-centered schools?

How do we restore, rebuild, and reimagine a diverse, pro-growth economy? 

What short and long-term barriers exist that prevents you and your family from experiencing earned success and upward economic mobility?

I have some ideas to share with you, but I would like to hear your ideas about how we can restore and reimagine a stronger Pennsylvania together!

Send me your ideas!


Check out the Restore & Reimagine Pennsylvania FAQ page.