Student Loan Debt Survey Results


Constituent Feedback

“Institutions have used govt funding to hire unnecessary bureaucrats and raise tuition. Make them responsible.” – David from Elizabethtown

“The interest rates that accompany the loans do even more harm. The interest rate for my gov loans was over 6% while I was paying. Higher than my mortgage rate, car loans and even some credit lines.” – Jenn from Lititz

“Higher education has been positioned as a the only means of making more money. This was… at best a lie.” – Justin from Lancaster

“We need state regulations against massive out-sized college administrative salaries. Increasingly running colleges like for-profit businesses with massive administrative executive staffs, overhead, and expenses has turned education away from its main mission of making education available, affordable, and high quality.” – Eugene from Lancaster

“I support a multi-pronged approach. To only give relief to those who have already graduated is to ignore the system which created the problem in the first place and set up others for failure.” – Rebekah from Lititz

“Accrued interest charges at high rates have been the biggest driver of the existing debt problem. Forgiveness should be limited to refunding all past interest, leaving borrowed principal in place to be repaid at zero interest.” – Steve from Lititz

“I strongly believe in paying back a student loan obligation.” – Edward from Lancaster

“Forgive the interest on people making their payments.” – Dana from Lancaster

“Reduce the interest rate on the balance that is still owed.” – JoAnn from Lititz

“Accountability for programs and outcomes is important, of course. Accreditation is one vehicle for that. But providing adequate state funding would do wonders for many of our institutions of higher education (and public education, as well).” – Matthew from Elizabethtown

“All student loans should be 0% interest while the student is in full time studies.” – Jim from Ephrata

“Forgiving student debt – and I would submit that even the discussion about it – rewards and encourages behavior that we don’t want!” – Lori from Elizabethtown

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