Syrian Refugee Information

In recent weeks I have been contacted by many people who are concerned about the location of Syrian Refugees in Lancaster County.

Given the events of the past several days and weeks, I can certainly understand why people are concerned about their security.

To be clear, everyone who has contacted me has expressed sympathy and empathy for those people who have been forced from their homes by violence or who have been persecuted.  I join all of my fellow citizens in welcoming those refugees who, through no fault of their own, need our help.

Indeed, when I served our nation on the battlefield in Iraq, I saw firsthand the human suffering that has been happening in the Middle East.  With that said, I also saw the determination of the enemy, who is willing to stop at nothing to destroy the freedoms we cherish as Americans.

In an attempt to provide greater understanding to the refugee screening and siting process, which is entirely controlled by the federal government, I have put together a packet of information which you may find helpful.

Included here is a letter I, along with other Lancaster County lawmakers, forwarded to Governor Wolf, an overview (primer) of the refugee process, a resettlement process flow chart, as well as other relevant information.

As always, my door is open to anyone who would like to contact me about this important issue.


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