Restore & Reimagine PA

I am inviting you to join me as we restore and reimagine a stronger Pennsylvania.

I have long believed that strong families, vibrant communities, great schools, and a diverse economy are foundational to an opportunity society. So let me ask you:

How do we build stronger families?

How do we restore vibrant communities?

How do we create world-class, student-centered schools?

How do we restore, rebuild, and reimagine a diverse, pro-growth economy? 

What short and long-term barriers exist that prevent you and your family from experiencing earned success and upward economic mobility?

I have some ideas to share with you, but I would like to hear your ideas about how we can restore and reimagine a stronger Pennsylvania together!


There is no doubt that COVID-19 has completely changed life as we knew it. These past few weeks have been marked by struggles, pain, confusion, change, frustration, and even death. It certainly has not been easy. But it is human nature to adapt to difficult situations, and to innovate and create new ways of life out of tragedy. The COVID-19 pandemic is no different. Pennsylvanians have and must continue to adapt and overcome the new challenges that have presented as a result of the pandemic.

So I’m inviting you to adapt and overcome, to innovate and create new ideas with me. I have always said throughout my time in the General Assembly that the residents of Lancaster County are my greatest resource to helping me do my job well. With your input, I’m confident that we can reimagine, rebuild, and restore a stronger Pennsylvania together.

Step 1: Outreach

Over the next couple of months, my team and I will be collecting your feedback – your thoughts, your ideas, your challenges, and your solutions – to issues that you see and experience firsthand in your communities, schools, businesses, and families. There are three ways that you can submit your feedback to me:

  1. Call 717-429-6652 and leave your full name, zip code, and a brief description of your idea.
  2. Fill out my web contact form with a brief description of your idea.
  3. Attend one of my outreach events to tell me about your idea. You can view a schedule of upcoming outreach events here.

Step 2: Share Updates & Results

In the spirit of transparency, my team will regularly update the Restore & Reimagine PA webpage with:

  • Recordings of previous outreach events so that constituents can listen to and keep up to date with what their neighbors are contributing to the conversation.
  • Survey and poll results from the Restore & Reimagine PA Survey on our website and from polls conducted throughout various outreach events.
  • Actions taken by Senator Aument throughout the pandemic to serve, protect, and represent his constituents. This information will be presented in the form of a COVID-19 Response Timeline.

Step 3: Compile Results & Develop Legislative Strategy

Let me be clear – I am not simply collecting your feedback for the sake of collecting feedback.  I am collecting your ideas so that I can share them with my colleagues and use those ideas as a blueprint to inform our legislative agenda for the next few years as we seek to reimagine, rebuild, and restore a stronger Pennsylvania in the aftermath of this pandemic.

To do so, I will compile and publish the results in a final report that will be made available to the public this summer. In the report, I will clearly explain the steps I intend to take in response to your feedback. The report will lay out:

  • The methods we used to reach out to constituents,
  • The results from those outreach events, and
  • The legislative response to those results.

After the report is published, my team will continue to update the website and communicate progress in our legislative efforts.

Let us restore and reimagine a stronger Pennsylvania together!


Check out the Restore & Reimagine Pennsylvania FAQ page.